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The Young Lawyers

Five young local attorneys decided to quit their current firms and form a new practice. The five, though, couldn't agree on a name for their firm, as each wanted his or her name first. When the day arrived to open for business, the partner who arrived first at the suite of offices found a sign painter waiting to put the firm name on the suite door - so, naturally, that lawyer's name was painted first. Then the second arriving partner's name was painted second, and so on until all five names were on the door and the firm was named. Can you deduce each founding member's full name, the law school where he or she received a degree, the local firm for which each had been working, and the name of their new firm?

  1. Dwight isn't the partner who graduated from Douglas School of Law, nor is he the O'Connor School of Law graduate.
  2. Louis (who worked neither at Long & Short nor at Tinker, Evers & Chance) arrived at the firm's offices immediately before Hifee did.
  3. The Burger School of Law grad arrived immediately ahead of the one who quit Dewey, Chisholm & Howe to join the firm.
  4. The one who was with Mutz & Jeffries isn't Scales and didn't attend Douglas School of Law.
  5. Two partners - but neither Goodrule nor Scales - came from Dewey, Chisholm & Howe and Tweed, Eldum & Dee to join the new practice.
  6. Bella arrived at the suite of offices later in the morning than the Douglas School of Law alum.
  7. Reginald's former firm isn't Long & Short.
  8. Dwight got his name on the door just before Ms. Baylor got hers painted.
  9. Neither the White nor the Rehnquist School of Law graduate is Goodrule.
  10. Louis and Rittman were the ones who found the offices the firm leased.
  11. In consecutive order from first to last, these three arrived at the firm's offices: the one who was in with Mutz & Jeffries, Carol, and the O'Connor School of Law graduate.
  12. Dwight and Scales have adjoining offices within the suite.
  13. The ex-Long & Short associate arrived earlier than the Rehnquist graduate.