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Winter Breaks

Five men from different parts of the country each chose to go on a winter-sports holiday in a different area (one went to the Swiss Alps). Whilst skiing there, each had an accident in which he suffered a fracture of a different part of his anatomy. From the clues given below, can you work out who lives in which town, where he went for his holiday and what he broke?

  1. One man broke his collarbone in the Austrian Alps.
  2. The man from Stoke did not break an arm; he is not Gerry, who did not break a leg.
  3. Roger did not spend his holiday in the Cairngorms.
  4. Bob's hometown is Lynmouth; he did not break his collarbone during his holiday.
  5. Michael is not from Welshpool; his skiing holiday came to an abrupt conclusion when he fell and broke his right arm.
  6. The man from Yarmouth went to the Italian Alps for his winter holiday.
  7. Donald was the man who spent his holiday in the French Alps; his injury was not to the left side of his body.
  8. The man who broke his left leg was from Hartlepool.