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Wicked Women

Last week's episode of television's most popular prime-time soap opera, Wicked Women, was devoted entirely to the show's most popular villainess, the rich, beautiful and spoiled Amethyst Buckley. In just one hour-long show, Amethyst did four wicked deeds (blackmail, kidnapping, perjury, and attempted murder) to four different men in her life (a bank president, an ex-husband, a state senator, and a television executive). The wages of wickedness? Last week, the show was once again first in the ratings. Can you put Amethyst's four wicked deeds in order, and tell who was the target of each?

  1. The bank president (who wasn't the one Amethyst tried to murder with poisoned lipstick) wasn't either the second or the third of Amethyst's victims.
  2. The man against whom Amethyst testified falsely in court - she named him as the principal in a real estate swindle he actually had nothing to do with - wasn't the last of her four victims.
  3. The man whom Amethyst kidnapped and held for ransom - demanding the famed 100-carat Dresden Diamond as the price of his release - was neither the bank president nor the television executive.
  4. Amethyst did her wicked deed against her ex-husband sometime before her act of perjury.
  5. The state senator was the target of Amethyst's scheming sometime after the blackmailing - involving a compromising photograph in Amethyst's possession - and sometime before the attempted murder.