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Who Are The Twins?

Six siblings share three bedrooms that are three different colors. On any given night, each child wears a different color pair of pajamas. Can you deduce the color bedroom each sleeps in, the color pajamas each wears, the age of each child, and figure out which two are the twins?

  1. The six siblings are: the two that share the blue bedroom; Sam and the one who wear the white pajamas (who share a second bedroom); and Pat and a 10-year-old sibling (who share a third bedroom).
  2. Val doesn't sleep in the yellow bedroom.
  3. Dru isn't 10 years old.
  4. Pat's pajamas aren't pink.
  5. The child who wear purple pajamas (who is neither Dru nor Val) doesn't sleep in the white bedroom.
  6. Sam is one year older than the child who wears purple pajamas, who is two years older than the child who wears yellow pajamas.
  7. Lou shares a bedroom with an eight-year-old.
  8. The child who wears blue pajamas doesn't sleep in the white bedroom and doesn't share a room with Dru.
  9. Ros is three years younger than the sibling who shares a bedroom with Sam
  10. The child who wears red pajamas is one year older than the child who wears pink pajamas; these two siblings share a bedroom.