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The Watermen

Each night last week on channel 13's Evening News segment "Summerset People," a different Summerset Bay waterman was profiled. Each of the five, including Capt. Bass, skippers a different boat - one is The Baby Rita - and sails out of a different bay town - one is Kidd's Landing. Can you determine each captain's full name, boat, and home port, and the evening Monday through Friday, on which he was profiled on "Summerset People"?

  1. Bill was profiled the evening before The Sea Oater's captain.
  2. Capt. Trout was on "Summerset People" the day after the waterman from Pilgrim Cove.
  3. Wednesday's profile was Capt. Chuck Finn.
  4. The captain of The Kingfisher was featured the evening before the captain out of Albatross Island (who isn't Don).
  5. Capt. Crabbe isn't one from Snugg Harbor.
  6. On three consecutive evenings, in this order, the captain of The Willow Queen, Ernie, and the waterman from Booty Bay were profiled.
  7. Alex isn't the captain of The Sea Oater.
  8. The Kingfisher (whose captain isn't Crabbe) doesn't sail out of Booty Bay.
  9. The Bay Dancer (whose captain isn't Ernie) doesn't sail out of Albatross Island.
  10. Bill isn't out of Pilgrim Cove.
  11. Capt. Salmon (who isn't Don) doesn't skipper The Willow Queen.