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Vast Video Values

Last night five married couples signed up for membership in the new Boom-or-Buster Video Store. Each couple rented one movie with their new membership (one rented Housesitter). Can you find the full names of each couple (one woman is Helen), the order in which they opened their memberships, and the movie each rented?

  1. Bob lives next door to the Ordways.
  2. Arnold learned about the new video store from the Lowes.
  3. Frieda and her husband signed up sometime before Douglas and his wife, who signed up immediately ahead of the Nguyens.
  4. Ivy and her husband stood one place behind Bob and his wife in the line for new memberships.
  5. The Kings weren't the couple who rented Patriot Games.
  6. These three couples signed up consecutively in this order: Jenna and her husband, the couple who rented Lethal Weapon III, and Charles and his wife.
  7. Erwin and his wife were one place ahead of the Ordways.
  8. The Lowes weren't the couple who rented Sister Act.
  9. These three couples signed up consecutively in this order: Georgette and her husband, the Medinas, and the couple who rented Far and Away.
  10. Ivy and her husband, who had seen Patriot Games in a theater, rented something they hadn't yet seen.
  11. Mr. Medina isn't Charles.