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Trick Or Treat, Grandma 

Mrs. Smith didn't recognize her five grandchildren when they came trick-or-treating on Halloween last October. Eric, Nancy, and the other three were all dressed in very concealing costumes; one was dressed as a vampire. From this information and the clues, can you determine each child's full name (one last name is Ames), age, and costume? Note: All siblings have the same last name.

  1. The children range in age from two to eight, and no two are the same age.
  2. The five children are: the one dressed as a witch, her eight-year-old brother, the one dressed as a pirate, his brother, and Amanda.
  3. Sam is four years older than the one dressed as a ghost.
  4. Matt and one of his cousins, whose last name is Johnson, are six years apart in age.
  5. Amanda was not dressed as a ghost.
  6. The Smith girl, who is not five years old, is three years older than the one dressed as a black cat.