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Surprise Visits

Peter, Paul, and Reuben have been friends since college, even though they have since moved to three different cities, and they have always assured each other that each would be welcome to come and stay with any of the others. Last summer, each man decided to pay a surprise visit on one of his two old friends. Unfortunately, as all three chose the same week in August, each would-be visitor received a surprise of a rather anticlimactic sort: the front door locked, the lights out, and no sign of anyone at home. Can you discover each man's full name (their last names are Abbott, McNeill, and Whistler), the city where each one lives (Los Angeles, Phoenix, or Reno), and the city and friend each one tried to visit?

  1. No two visited the same city.
  2. Mr. Abbott tried to visit Mr. McNeill, who tried to visit Peter.
  3. Mr. Whistler traveled to Phoenix.
  4. The man who lives in Reno tried to visit Reuben.