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The East Coast Surfing Association recently inducted five new members into their Hang 10 Hall of Fame in Ocean City. Each surfer is better known by his nickname than his real first name (one is Tommy), and each began his career at a different beach, which he calls his home surf. Can you determine each Hall of Famer's real name and nickname, and the beach at which he first rode the waves?

  1. Rod and Tomlin have won the East Coast Classic three times each, while Jeff and Wilkins have won the event twice each.
  2. Wilkins and "Big Fish" have jointly operated a surf shop the past two years.
  3. Tomlin (who isn't nicknamed "Big Fish") isn't the Hall of Famer who calls Whitecap Isle home surf.
  4. Neither Lance nor Rivera is the inductee best known as "Mad Man" from Great Surf Sands.
  5. Brad isn't the one known as "King".
  6. Jeff and the surfer from Kahuna Cove have both been world champions; Rod and the man who calls Whitecap isle home have been runners-up.
  7. O'Hara isn't the Bury Dunes product.
  8. McCoy joined the Hall of Famers who call Kahuna Cove and Whitecap Isle home surf at the induction ceremony; the other two men were competing in Australia and unable to attend.
  9. Neither "King" nor "Rough Rider" surfs out of Bury Dunes.
  10. Lance (who doesn't surf out of Angel Beach) is neither the inductee best known as "Typhoon" nor the one nicknamed "King".
  11. The Whitecap isle surfer isn't nicknamed "Big Fish" or "King".
  12. Jeff and Rivera have surfing moves named after them.
  13. "Rough Rider" has his own cable television show and has had O'Hara, Tomlin, and Wilkins as guests on the program.