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Bruce is one of five substitute teachers called to fill in for absent teachers today at Townley High School. Can you determine each sub's full name, the subject each one is teaching (one is geography), and the name of the teach he or she is subbing for?

  1. Mona (whose last name isn't Lane) isn't substituting for Mr. Feldman's class.
  2. Eloise isn't Harrison or Carpenter.
  3. James isn't subbing for Mr. Feldman's class.
  4. Carpenter isn't subbing for the math or biology teacher.
  5. Lane is subbing for Mr. Cranston's class, which isn't the history class.
  6. Ned isn't subbing for the English Teacher.
  7. Mona, Johnson, and the one who is subbing for Mrs. Beckman's class have been working at Townley for over two years.
  8. Eloise (who isn't subbing for Mr. Phipp's class) isn't filling in for the math teacher.
  9. Potter isn't filling in for Mrs. Beckman's class.
  10. Johnson isn't subbing for Mr. Feldman's class.
  11. Ned, Harrison, and the history sub often eat lunch together.
  12. James (whose last name isn't Johnson) isn't subbing for Mrs. Beckman's class.
  13. The person filling in for Mrs. Dwight's class isn't certified to teach history or biology.
  14. The one subbing in math (who isn't James) isn't filling in for Mr. Feldman.
  15. Potter isn't the sub for Mr. Feldman.