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Soccer League Auction

Every year the Youngstown Girls Soccer League has held an auction to raise money for new uniforms, equipment, and travel expenses. This year the auction was a great success. The group auctioned off over 200 prizes. The four prizes that sold for the most were an airline ticket, an autographed baseball, a set of patio furniture, and a hand-stitched quilt. Can you determine each buyer's full name (two first names are Cindy and Sean; one last name is Watz), the item each purchased, and the amount paid for each?

  1. Three of the four purchasers were Tamara (who didn't buy the airline ticket), Malloy (who didn't spend exactly $300), and the person who bought the baseball.
  2. The least expensive of the four items sold for $250; this didn't go to Joshua Bristow (who paid exactly $25 less than one of the other three), nor to the person who bought the patio furniture.
  3. Langton paid exactly $10 more for his or her item than did the man who bought the quilt.
  4. The airline ticket, which was the most expensive item sold, cost at least $50 more than one of the other three items.
  5. One item cost exactly $275.