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Sisters From Heck

Six sisters, who all happen to be witches, don't get along very well. But as their social opportunities are somewhat limited, they often find themselves in each other's company. The other night in their favorite cave, the spats where worse than ever, and a free-for-all threatened to erupt. Finally, each sister dragged out her cauldron and stirred up a portion to cast a spell on one of the others. For example, one sister was envious of another who owned a "Speed Demon" broomstick, so she cast a spell to make it vanish. Each witch added a different magic ingredient to her cauldron (such as tail of rat). Can you determine whom each witch cast her spell on, what the spell was, and what special ingredient was called for?

  1. Toe of frog - the ingredient used to make its victim come down with a bad case of hives on Halloween - wasn't used in the spell cast on Zeekmah.
  2. Four of the sisters are: Tabith, the one who used wool of bat, Zeekmah (whose spell called for whisker of wolf), and the witch (not Heth) who cast the spell of warts.
  3. Vadima cast her spell on Marie.
  4. one witch was a real motormouth. To stop her constant chatter, one of her sisters employed an old standby, "Eye of Newt, to Make One Mute."
  5. The witch who employed toe of frog in her spell was the only one with a boyfriend. She didn't place a spell on the same sister who cast a spell on her.
  6. Zister's scheme was simple: Induce the sister with the boyfriend to go to sleep for a week, thus giving Zister a chance to steal his affections.
  7. Heth wasn't the one who used tongue of adder to make Tabith give away her beautiful moonstone.