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Shoo! Out Of The Garden!

Five city couples have country homes near each other; they go there usually only for summer weekends. Each couple has planted a garden, but during the week, while they are away, some animals have been enjoying their produce. After a disastrous June, they decided that for five consecutive weeks each couple would stay in the country for a week to keep all the gardens safe. This plan was fairly successful, but each couple found some animal in a different one of the gardens. From this information and the clues, can you find the full names of all ten (two first names are Mary and Pat), the animal they found (one was a raccoon), where they found it, and the order of their country weekends?

  1. Joan and her husband stayed before the week the deer was found, which was before the week the Smiths stayed, which was before the week that the animal was found in the Blakes' garden.
  2. The Clarks stayed after Rose and her husband, who were after Bob and his wife, who stayed after the week the rabbit was found.
  3. The skunk was found before the animal in the Grays' garden, which was found before the week that Kate and her husband stayed.
  4. No two of the woodchuck, rabbit, and deer were found in consecutive weeks.
  5. The couple who found an animal in their own garden are not the Whites, who stayed two weeks before Dan and his wife.
  6. Neither Tom nor his wife found the woodchuck, and neither Bob nor his wife found the skunk.
  7. From first to last, Hal, Nan, and the Blakes stayed in consecutive weeks.