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Shampoos And Soaps

Last Wednesday, Darlene and five other women started discussing their favorite television daytime serials while having different hair treatments at Barbara's Beauty Boutique. Can you determine the full name of each woman, the hair treatment each one had done, and each woman's favorite soap opera (including The Middle-Aged and the Contended)?

  1. No one has the same first and last initial.
  2. The woman who prefers Days of Our Week wasn't getting her hair styled or colored.
  3. Clarissa watches her favorite, All My Offspring, every weekday.
  4. General Medical Center isn't fancied by the woman who got the trim, nor the woman who got her hair styled.
  5. The six women arrived at Barbara's in this order: Flora, the woman who had the shampoo set, Mrs. Drake, the woman who likes Days of Our Week, Belinda, and Mrs. Curry.
  6. Edith isn't the one who had her hair Frosted.
  7. Mrs. Farrell loves Santa Cruz the best.
  8. Mrs. Alden isn't the one who watches That Other World because it comes on TV too late in the day for her.
  9. The woman who had her hair permed got into a good-natured debate with Flora and Mrs, Bock regarding the best "hunk" on daytime soap operas.
  10. Mrs. Erdman (who didn't get her hair frsted, styled, or colored) isn't Belinda.
  11. Audrey's favorite isn't Santa Cruz or Days of Our Week.
  12. Neither Santa Cruz nor General Medical Center is Belinda's favorite daytime serial.
  13. Trying to convince Audrey and Clarissa to switch their loyalties, the woman who had the coloring treatment was continuously praising the romantic relationship on her soap opera.