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Salad Bar

Salesclerk Rhonda and her four co-workers in Trends Boutique wisely stagger their lunch hours so noon-hour shoppers should not lack service. The staff members leave for lunch at either 11:45, 12:00, 12:15, 12:30, or 12:45. Determined to maintain their svelte figures, each woman today lunched on a different salad (one was spinach salad), plus a different complex carbohydrate (one was corn bread). Can you determine each staff memeber's name, the different time each left for lunch, and the salad and carbohydrate each chose?

  1. Sigrid went for lunch sometime after the one who ate the granola bars.
  2. Neither Conny nor Idette had the fruit salad.
  3. April (who didn't choose the cole slaw) left for lunch sometime after the one who ate the sourdough bread.
  4. The woman who ate the cole slaw left for lunch exactly half an hour after the one who chose the rice cakes, and sometime before Idette.
  5. The woman who ate the bagels and the one who chose the sourdough bread both lunched sometime before the one who are the Waldorf salad.
  6. The woman who ate the sourdough bread (who didn't also have the fruit salad) left for lunch sometime later than the woman who had the carrot-raisin salad, who lunched sometime after Conny.