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Rock Around The Clock

Six bands performed at an all-day-all-night rock concert last week in Big City's Little Park. Three of the lead singers of the bands were women, and three were men (including Sid Delicious). Can you deduce the order in which each band played, and which singer led each band?

  1. Harry McNasty's band played just before the Smithereens.
  2. Alice Asimov and her All-Amazon Band were neither the first nor last to play.
  3. Jojo Cassava and her band don't get along with the Water Rats, so two other bands were scheduled to play between them.
  4. Neither Poison Pudding nor Lola Baloney's band was scheduled to play the first set.
  5. Bob Scratchit has been the lead singer of both Discomfort Zone and the A & P Commandos; now he's with the band that played the second set.
  6. The first and last sets were played by bands whose lead singers are women.
  7. The lead singer of Discomfort Zone is a man.