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The Quinton Quints

Mr. and Mrs. Quinton have had a busy year with their five identical baby girls. They've been using different-colored hair ribbons to tell the girls apart, but lately differences in development and personality make it easier to distinguish them. For instance, each baby's first word was different (one was "cookie"). Can you determine the order in which the girls were born, their first words, and hair-ribbon colors?

  1. The baby with the white ribbon (who isn't Nina) was born second.
  2. Linda wears the yellow ribbon.
  3. Megan wasn't born first or second.
  4. The baby whose first words was "baba" (bottle) wears the lavender ribbon.
  5. The baby whose first word was "mama" was born fifth.
  6. Megan's first word was "dada."
  7. The baby whose first word was "bye-bye" (who wasn't born first) doesn't wear the pink ribbon.
  8. Gloria (who wasn't born second) was born immediately after the baby who wears the green ribbon.
  9. Abigail's first word wasn't "bye-bye."