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Proud Pedigree

Patience Pumphrey Smollet and her sister, Hester Dabney Smollet, knew they were named for distinguished ancestors, but they didn't know who or why until they begin to research their family tree. After a diligent search of many dusty old record books, they learned that their names came from five ancestors who had each made a significant - more or less - contribution to American history. The ancestor's first names were Cornelius, Ezekiel, Hester, Jonathan, and Patience; their last names were Birdsall, Dabney, Fitzrandolph, Pumphrey, and Smollet. Can you reconstruct the Smollets' proud heritage by matching each ancestor's first and last name with his or her role in history?

  1. Each of the five ancestors contributed a name to one of both of the sisters.
  2. Neither Birdsall nor Pumphrey was the Tory spy in the American Revolution.
  3. The ancestor who fought on both sides of the Civil War was not named Jonathan Dabney.
  4. Neither Cornelius nor Smollet was the one who drank too much to fight in the Whiskey Rebellion.
  5. The Tory spy wasn't Dabney or Smollet.
  6. Hester wasn't Fitzrandolph.
  7. Jonathan (who wasn't Pumphrey) wasn't the one who booked a berth on the Mayflower, then overslept and missed the sailing.
  8. The ancestor who testified at the Salem witchcraft trial was a woman.
  9. Dabney was a lifelong teetotaler.