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Praia Shopping

Five women went shopping together in the town of Praia da Victoria, Portugal, and each one made a single purchase during the course of the afternoon. Each made her purchase in a different shop (one was Cabral's) and for a different reason: four bought gifts for varying occasions, including a wedding; one bought an item for her own use. Can you match each woman's first name with the shop she patronized, the item she bought, and the reason for her purchase?

  1. Neither Maggie nor the woman who purchased the hand-embroidered tablecloth selected the graduation gift.
  2. The woman who bought the wicker baskets (who wasn't Carla) did her shopping at Fast Eddie's.
  3. The woman who shopped at Pimental's found an anniversary gift (which wasn't the tablecloth).
  4. Neither Mona nor the woman who bought the model ship made any purchase at Astoria or Fast Eddie's.
  5. Jackie (who didn't buy anything in Astoria) wound up with the silver filigree bracelet.
  6. Rhonda bought her item in Casa Vitoria.
  7. The item bought in Astoria wasn't to be a gift for anyone.
  8. The crystal decanter wasn't the graduation gift.
  9. The model ship was to be a birthday gift.