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Polynesian Postcards

Last month, while Calvin was away on vacation in the South Pacific, he sent a postcard to each of his five closest friends (including Tom). Can you determine which friend received a postcard from which island (one is Huahine), and what was shown on each card?

  1. Andy, Rick, and the person whose postcard was mailed from Tahiti received the postcards showing (in some order) a white sand beach, a waterfall, and an array of seashells.
  2. Of the postcards mailed from Bora Bora and Moorea, one went to Charlotte, and the other (which didn't go to Sally) depicted tropical fish.
  3. Neither Andy's postcard nor the one showing a waterfall was the one mailed from Raiatea.
  4. The postcard highlighting palm trees wasn't sent from Moorea.
  5. The postcard for Rick wasn't the picture of seashells.