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News Force Team

When the Nationwide News Network was formed this year to provide news service to independent television stations across the country, six news veterans were hired from various stations throughout the United States to staff the evening News Force Team. Can you determine each News Force staff member's full name (one first name is Maria), his or her job on the team, and the station and city from which he or she came to the team (one came from WCIL-TV, and one city is Miami)?

  1. The two co-anchors were hired from WTRU-TV and from Washington, D.C.
  2. The entertainment editor (who isn't Nick) isn't the one from Chicago.
  3. Leah isn't Ms. Forbes.
  4. Mr. Acker was hired from station WXOX-TV.
  5. The six News Force Team members are John, Ms. Forbes, the sportscaster, the weather expert, the one hired from WMMI-TV, and the one from Chicago.
  6. Owen isn't the staffer who came from WPRS-TV.
  7. Mr. Brown is the team's business reporter.
  8. The team member surnamed Edison isn't the one from Atlanta or Boston.
  9. Ms. Drake (who isn't Karen) isn't the one from WMMI-TV.
  10. The one from Chicago (who isn't Nick) didn't work at WTRU-TV.
  11. Cross (who isn't the one from Boston) isn't the News Force entertainment editor.
  12. The station WMMI-TV isn't in Washington, D.C.
  13. Neither Leah nor Nick is the team's weather expert.
  14. Karen didn't work for WTRU-TV.
  15. One team member was hired from WACB-TV in New York.