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Nested Dolls

For her birthday, I bought my daughter a set of five nested wooden dolls, similar to those originating in China. The set appears as one doll, which opens up to reveal a smaller doll hidden inside; then this, too, opens to reveal a still smaller one, all the way down to the smallest, which is solid. Each doll's dress is painted a different color. I was attracted to the set because each doll is named, and the tiniest one has the same name as my daughter. Can you figure out the sizes of the doll's from largest to smallest (one is named Priscilla), the color of each doll's dress, and my daughter's name?

  1. Nancy, with the white dress, isn't the largest or the smallest.
  2. Open up the doll with the blue dress, and Maria appears.
  3. Louise just fits inside the doll with the red dress.
  4. Olivia is somewhat smaller than the doll with the yellow dress.
  5. The third largest doll has either the pink or the blue dress.