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Modern Pentathlon

The modern pentathlon was designed to test skills that might have been valuable to an early military courier. It consists of five contests on five successive days; in order, they are riding, fencing, swimming, pistol shooting, and running. Carl and four others, each a member of a different athletic club (one is the Couriers), were in a recent competition. Each won one day's event and came in last on another day. Can you find each man's full name and club, the contest he won, and the one in which he was last?

  1. Dan (who isn't Mr. Harris) won sometime after Mr. Miller and sometime before the man from the Fleetfoot Club.
  2. No one's best and worst days were consecutive, nor were they four days apart.
  3. Al wasn't the fastest runner, and his rival Mr. Harris wasn't the slowest.
  4. Only Ed and Mr. Ives had their worst day before their best.
  5. The man from the Victors proved to be the worst shot: Mr. Kent was the best.
  6. Neither Bob nor the man from the Journeymen was either the best or worst swimmer.
  7. Mr. Levin isn't the man from the Speedsters.
  8. The man from the Fleetfoot Club didn't come in last in fencing.