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La Caravela

La Caravela Restaurant is popular with Americans stationed at Lajes Field, Portugal. One evening Geneva and four of her friends met there for dinner. Each spent a different amount on her meal (either 750, 850, 950, 1050, or 1150 escudos). Can you match each woman's first name with the dish and beverage she ordered (one dish was lobster), and the amount of her bill?

  1. Bottled water was ordered with the most expensive meal, which was neither alcatra (a beef dish with wine sauce) nor swordfish.
  2. Regina spent 950 escudos, which was more than Marcie (who didn't order the alcatra) spent.
  3. Claudia drank coffee with her meal; the difference in price between her meal and the meal that included "green wine" (a local variety of white wine) was 100 escudos.
  4. The shrimp dinner cost 200 escudos more than Juanita's.
  5. One woman ordered chicken and cola.
  6. The glass of red wine accompanied neither the least expensive meal nor the swordfish.