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Karaoke Stars

The first week the Katmandu Klub introduced karaoke to draw more customers, it held a nightly contest from Monday to Saturday, and awarded a prize - one evening an auto tape system - to the best performer each night. The winners included three men - Anthony, Brent, and Danny - and three women - Cass, Jane, and Rhonda. Can you determine each night's winner's full name (one surname is Sargent), the song he or she sang, and the prize won for that performance?

  1. Jane won the night before the person who sang "Born in the U.S.A."
  2. Brent isn't the winner who performed "Slow Boat to China."
  3. The winner who did a Platter-esque "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" won on the evening after McCloud won.
  4. Brent won the night before the person who received a $200 gift certificate to CD-O-Rama; the latter isn't winner Rhonda.
  5. Ms. Wainwright won the night before the performer who wowed the crowd with "Bohemian Rhapsody."
  6. Mr. Boone won a trip to a concert of his choice anywhere in the U.S.A. the night after the winner moved the audience with "Unchained Melody."
  7. The portable television awardee won the evening before Danny did.
  8. The VCR was the prize the night before the winner sang "Yesterday."
  9. Anthony (who didn't win the VCR) didn't perform "Bohemian Rhapsody."
  10. Winners Cass and Ms. Lovejoy (neither of whom won the CD player) had previously tried karaoke on a vacation to California.
  11. Anthony's winning evening was one night after "Slow Boat to China" was the star performance.
  12. The one who won with "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" didn't win on Friday.
  13. Cooper's karaoke triumph wasn't on Thursday.