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Jo's Folly

When Henri and Jo had both retired, they decided to fulfill a longtime dream of Jo's by buying a large parcel of land so they could build a home in the country. That innocent purchase sparked considerable envious discussion among the couple's three children, Jim, Sherry, and Theresa, all of whom had been thinking of leaving the city themselves. When she heard about this, Jo persuaded Henri that the land was large enough for them all - even with Jim's thoroughbred horses - and so the couple invited their children to build houses of their own on the property. Each of the four houses was on a different hill, named long ago by some previous owner, and each overlooked a different pond that the various family members stocked with different kinds of fish (one was stocked with bream). Each home was designed differently to suit its occupant or occupants; one was a cottage. Can you match each house with the hill it was built on, the fish in the nearby pond, and the design of the house?

  1. Henri and Jo's A-frame house (which didn't overlook the catfish pond) stood alone on the west side of the property, but not on Pat's Peak.
  2. The white house on Hembree's Hill belonged to one of the three children.
  3. Curt's Crest wasn't the hill that overlooked the Japenese koi pond.
  4. One of Jim's sisters let his horses drink from her bass pond.
  5. Sherry's yellow house, the house on Mounoit's Mesa, and the ranch-style house were all three on the east side of the property.
  6. Neither the log cabin nor the house on Pat's Peak overlooked the catfish pond.
  7. Jim didn't stock his pond with catfish.