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Jocko's Tacos

Yesterday afternoon Elmar and his five co-workers at the Hillside Medical Complex met for lunch at Jocko's Tacos. Each ordered a different dish - either the beef taco, chicken taco, lamb taco, pork taco, tofu taco, or the taco salad. Can you match the person's full name with his or her dish and the amount of money he or she spent?

  1. As some of the lunchers ordered side dishes and other extras, each one ended up spending a different amount of money on lunch; the most spent was $8, while the least anyone spent was $2.
  2. Carl spent twice as much as Iverson.
  3. Alan spent twice as much as Larson, who spent $1 more than tho one who ordered the taco salad.
  4. Desiree sat next to Jenkins at the lunch table.
  5. Gibson is the receptionist in the X-ray department, where Brenda is a technician.
  6. The one who had the lamb taco spent $1 more than Hayes, but $1 less than Desiree.
  7. Kohls didn't order the beef or the chicken taco.
  8. Iverson and the one who ordered the chicken taco work in different departments.
  9. Felicia spent $1 more than the one who had the pork taco, but half as much as Gibson.