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Island Hopping

Five military couples living on Terciera, Portugal, took advantage of last week's fine weather to visit some of the island's attractions. Each couple visited a different location on a different day, Tuesday through Saturday. From the information provided, pair each wife (one is Beryl) with her husband (one is Grant) and determine which location each visited and on what day.

  1. Imogene is married to Webb.
  2. Lydia visited the cathedral at Angra do Heroismo; her trip was later than the visit to the monument on Monte Brasil.
  3. One couple visited the Sulphur Pits on Saturday.
  4. Clark's jaunt wasn't the last of the week, but was later than Jordan's day of swimming in the tide pool at Biscoitos.
  5. Kirby, who isn't married to Natalie, made his trip on Thursday.
  6. The picnic at the park in Serreta was earlier than the trip to Biscoitos.
  7. Sophie's excursion took place the day after Imogene's.