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House Members

In the last election, five incumbents won re-election to the state House of Representatives from their five Ocean County legislative districts. The five have served different numbers of years - 24, 16, 12, 8, and 4 - at the capital. First names are Bo, Cass, John, Newt, and Shirley. Can you determine the full name of the person representating each legislative district, his or her hometown (one is from Atlantic Palisades), and the number of years he or she has already served?

  1. Rep. Van Horn and the 1st District representative have together served as many years as Shirley and the St. Mary's City representative together.
  2. The representative from Gravesend has served as many years as Rep. Kaplan and the 3rd District representative together.
  3. John, Cass, and the representative from the 5th District are all on the House Natural Resources Committee.
  4. Rep. Juarez has served twice as long as the 2nd District legislator (who isn't the Summerset native).
  5. The Minersville resident has been a House member half as long as Bo.
  6. Rep. Garrity (whose constituency isn't the 1st District) has been in the House for 12 years.
  7. The one from Gravesend doesn't represent the 4th District.
  8. Rep. Van Horn (who isn't the most junior of the five) isn't the 3rd District legislator.
  9. Rep. Kaplan isn't the 1st District representative.
  10. Shirley and the 4th District legislator were delegates to their party's last national convention.
  11. John and Rep. Orlando are both fishing boat captains when they aren't working as legislators.