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Haunting Memories

For his vacation last year, Jacob made a tour of five restored ghost towns. As a prank, he included among his photographs double exposures that gave the pictures the appearance of containing ghostly images. Can you determine the five towns Jacob visited, the nature of each one's former industry, the buildings depicted in the double exposures (one is a town church), and the ghostly character portrayed (one is a laborer)?

  1. The five towns are: Point Abbaye, Fayette, the defunct railroad town, the town in which the tavern was photographed, and the town whose cast of characters included the bride.
  2. Jacob visited the railroad town, the river port, and the site of the town hall (all three) during the last week of June.
  3. Pistol Ridge, the mining town, and the town that produced wooden auto parts (all three) were still lively during the first part of the century.
  4. Neither the former lumbering center nor the tapped-out mining town was the site of the ghostly sheriff.
  5. Neither the town hall (which isn't located in Point Abbaye) nor the tavern is located in Pequaming.
  6. The lovely bride was photographed in neither the river port nor the lumber town.
  7. The pastor wasn't photographed in Fayette or Pistol Ridge.
  8. The tavern isn't in the lumber town or the river port.
  9. The sheriff wasn't pictured in front of the school.
  10. The mayor's mansion (which isn't in Pistol Ridge) isn't to be found in the river port town.
  11. Quincy isn't the site of the outdated auto parts plant.
  12. The mining town was where Jacob photographed a child playing with a hoop.
  13. The pastor wasn't photographed in front of the tavern.