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Gnome Place Like Home

When Mr. Primrose had to remove his blighted hedge he was distressed, but not as distressed as the five gnomes whose homes where thereby destroyed. The five gnomes - three males named Gnathan, Gnicholas, and Gnorris, and two females named Gnatalie and Gnora - had overheard the plans a few days before the hedge was dug up, and were thus able to find themselves new abodes (one took over an abandoned mouse hole) before the fateful afternoon. Each made his or her new home more homey by laying down a different kind of floor covering (one favored tiling his or her floor with pieces of eggshell). Can you find the order in which the five gnomes moved, and match each with his or her new home and kind of floor covering?

  1. Gnorris moved just before the female gnome who found a nook among the roots of a willow tree.
  2. Neither the gnome who tiled the floor with pebbles nor the one who laid a carpet of rose petals is the one living in a hole in the creek bank.
  3. Three consecutive moves where made by Gnathan, the gnome who carpeted with rose petals, and the male gnome who converted an empty wasp nest into a bachelor apartment.
  4. The gnome who set up housekeeping in a hollow stump wasn't the second to move.
  5. Gnora moved the day before the gnome whose new floor is lined with thistledown.
  6. One of the male gnomes (but not Gnorris) gathered molted feathers to carpet his new dwelling.
  7. Gnathan is not only allergic to thistledown, but he hates the damp and won't live near the creek.
  8. Gnatalie wasn't the fourth to move, and she didn't carpet with rose petals.
  9. Gnicholas wasn't the second to move.
  10. The first gnome to move didn't move to the hole in the creek bank.