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Fruity Speakers

At an annual Citrus Growers' Convention in the USA, five growers (Cy Truss is one of the growers) from different states (Georgia is one of the states) each addressed the delegates on a different day about last year's growing conditions for their own particular specialty. From the clues given below, can you allocate the correct fruit and state to each speaker, and say on which day each man addressed the convention?

  1. Alvin Pipps expounded on the theme of growing lemons two days after the farmer from Florida addressed the convention.
  2. The orange grower spoke the day before Jake Skinn.
  3. Zach Zesty is the owner of a fruit farm in Alabama.
  4. The pineapple grower is from the state of Hawaii.
  5. Limes are the special subject of the grower who spoke to the assembled delegates on Thursday.
  6. The Monday address was delivered by the delegate from California.
  7. Elmer Peel is not the man who grows grapefruits.