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Floral Deliveries

Madge makes deliveries for a gift shop. Last Saturday, five mid-morning orders kept her busy. Each was for a different item (bonsai tree, chocolates, dish garden, fruit basket, and roses) to be delivered to a different household (Adams, Chen, Falk, Grodin, and Martinez) for a different event (anniversary party, baby shower, engagement party, graduation, and wedding). Can you discover the order in which Madge made these deliveries, the party to whom each item was delivered, and the event each party was holding?

  1. The delivery to the wedding was just before the delivery of the bonsai tree, and just after the delivery to the Adams house.
  2. The delivery to the Grodin house was sometime before the one to the baby shower.
  3. The fifth delivery was a fruit basket.
  4. The delivery of a dozen long-stemmed roses (which wasn't to the graduation) was sometime after the delivery to the Falk house.
  5. The delivery of a dish garden was sometime after the delivery to the anniversary party.
  6. The second delivery was for Martinez.