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Fashion Show

Five fashion models are standing on a runway at an eclectic Paris fashion show. They are in line, all facing the same direction, one in back of the other. Thus each woman can see all the models in front of her, but only these models. Each model is wearing a different color hat and a different type of garment (one is wearing a jumpsuit). Since they are facing forward, no woman can see any part of her own outfit. Can you find out the order in which the models are standing, and tell what color hat and what garment each is wearing?

  1. Cheryl can see the teddy.
  2. Hillary can see Tami.
  3. Bo can't see the white hat or the fur coat.
  4. Tami can see the green hat and the bikini, and she can see Venus.
  5. Hillary can see the nightgown and the blue hat.
  6. The model wearing the red hat can see the black hat.
  7. Cheryl can see Hillary but not Bo.