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Family Feuds

With four teenage girls, the Paxman home is usually quite lively. Things got noisier than usual last week, however, when the girls got into tiffs over borrowed property. Each sister had borrowed an item from another sister, then returned the item with some sort of damage. Can you decide which sister owns each item (one item is a sweater), the sister who borrowed it, and the type of damage that occurred?

  1. Theresa didn't borrow the embroidered blouse.
  2. Winola borrowed the skirt.
  3. The item that was returned shrunken from the washer was neither owned nor borrowed by Theresa.
  4. The dress wasn't the item that got torn.
  5. The item returned with a grass stain was borrowed by the girl whose own property was returned to her smudged with dirt.
  6. The item that was returned shrunken was borrowed by the owner of the dress.
  7. Neither Helsa nor Winola owns the property that was shrunken.
  8. Neither Theresa nor Marijane borrowed the dress.