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East Indian Feast

Laughter, the sounds of the sitar, and mouth-watering aromas drifted out of the Singh home during the night of Rupa Singh's potluck supper. Five women arrived one after the other with their families, each bearing a different main dish and a different dessert she had made. Can you deduce the order in which the women arrived, and determine the main dish and dessert each brought?

  1. Exactly one woman arrived in between the arrivals of Devaki and the one who brought tomato bhurtha.
  2. The woman who brought parsnip bhaji arrived sometime after Mindi, but immediately before the one who brought Parsee custard dessert.
  3. The woman who brought carrot halva dessert arrived sometime earlier than, but not immediately before, the one who brought vermicelli kheer dessert.
  4. Sakti arrived immediately after the woman who brought semolina pudding dessert, and sometime before the one who brought chapatis.
  5. The woman who brought lamb curry arrived sometime after Bakula.
  6. Almira arrived sometime before the woman (not Devaki) who brought mango chutney dessert, and immediately after the woman who brought chicken mulligatawny.