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Dog Duty

Young Billy Clark earns extra money by walking six neighborhood dogs - a bulldog, cocker spaniel, Dalmation, Doberman pinscher, German shepherd, and poodle. He walks two of the dogs together in the morning before school, two more together in the afternoon just after school, and the remaining two together in the evening just after dinner. The dog's names are Beggare, Grady, Inka, Kamir, Topol, and Whiley; the first names of the five owners (one person owns two dogs) are Amy, Dave, John, Marie, and Sam; last names are Baker, Frye, Miller, Wolfe, and Ziel. Can you find each dog's name, sex, breed, and owner's full name, and tell when Billy walks each dog?

  1. Only one of the male dogs is walked with a female dog, and these two dogs belong to the the same owner.
  2. Billy walks the male Dalmatian sometime earlier in the day than he walks Topol, who is also a male.
  3. The female poodle (which doesn't belong to Marie) is walked sometime later in the day than Beggare (who is a male).
  4. Dave only owns one dog, a male.
  5. Inka isn't the poodle.
  6. Billy has worked for Mr. Miller longer than he has for John.
  7. The female bulldog is walked sometime later in the day than Grady (who isn't the Dalmatian).
  8. John's dog and Ms. Ziel's dog are walked together, but not just after school.
  9. Billy works for Marie (who doesn't own the Dalmatian) sometime earlier in the day than he works for Baker (who doesn't own the Doberman pinscher).
  10. Neither the male cocker spaniel nor the Dalmatian is named Beggare.
  11. Whiley (who belongs to a woman) isn't walked with Kamir.
  12. John doesn't own the bulldog.
  13. Beggare (who isn't the Doberman pinscher) isn't owned by Wolfe.