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The Designated Driver

Jerry and four of his friends, one of whom is a broker, were invited to a New Year's Eve party. To determine who would be the designated driver, they each selected one of five cards. The cards were, from low to high: Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. The one who selected the Ace would be the designated driver. From this information and the following clues, determine each person's occupation and the card that person selected.

  1. Sylvia had a higher card than the attorney, but was not the highest.
  2. George's card was higher than the doctor's, but not as high as the broker's.
  3. Amanda had a higher card than either John or George, but was not the highest.
  4. The attorney had a higher card than the mechanic, but was lower than the banker.
  5. The mechanic was not holding the lowest card.