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Credit Card Shuffle

Five friends (Martha, Nicki, Olivia, Patty, and Rhoda) pooled their resources in order to take a two-week vacation together in Hawaii. Each woman had a different credit card (American Excess, Mister Charge, Platinum, Recovery, and VIVA) to which she charged one expense of the trip (car rentals, hotel rooms, meals, plane tickets, and souvenir money). Last names are Stewart, Trudo, Underwood, Vale, and Williams. Can you match each woman's full name with her credit card and which expense she charged?

  1. The plane tickets weren't charged to the Recovery card.
  2. The Mister Charge card belonged to Ms. Williams.
  3. Nicki Stewart didn't charge the money for souvenirs.
  4. Four of the women were Martha, Olivia, the owner of the American Excess card, and Ms. Trudo.
  5. Ms. Vale charged the group's meals, but not to a VIVA card.
  6. Rhoda isn't Ms. Underwood.
  7. Olivia charged the rental cars.
  8. Martha's credit card wasn't Recovery.
  9. The money for souvenirs was charged to the American Excess card.
  10. The woman who charged the hotel rooms wasn't Ms. Trudo.