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Five political parties (including the Liberal Party) have scheduled their summer convention for consecutive periods, each roughly two weeks long, starting in mid-June. Each convention will be held in a different city (Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, or Seattle) and each will feature a different keynote speaker (one is Bleading Harte). Can you determine the date, city, and featured speaker for each party's convention?

  1. Hans Off will speak at the convention that begins in mid-July (which isn't the one to be held in Chicago).
  2. The Seattle convention will start in mid-June.
  3. The Republican convention (which isn't the one that will feature Ann R. Keyes) won't be held on the West Coast.
  4. The two conventions on the East Coast will begin roughly six weeks apart.
  5. The Democrat's keynote speaker will be Les. A. Fayre.
  6. The Conservative Party's convention will start on August 1.
  7. The Progressive Party's convention will start sometime after the convention in Miami.
  8. Honeste Concerne will be the keynote speaker in Miami, but not at the Republican convention.