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The Comedy Competition

At this year's national finals of the Comedy Shoppe Annual Comedy Competition, Ivan and five other young comics, each a winner at one of the six Comedy shoppes across the country, competed for the three top prizes. Can you find each comic's full name (one surname is Jarr) and home town, the order in which the six appeared on stage at the finals, and the winners of the first, second, and third prizes?

  1. Kandi isn't the Philadelphia Comedy contestant.
  2. Lenny was on stage immediately before Miss Karpinsky, who appeared immediately before the comic from Los Angeles.
  3. Jerry did his routine immediately before the first prize winner (who isn't Henry).
  4. The second prize winner appeared immediately before Marx (who isn't from the New York Shoppe).
  5. Mr. Lentil isn't the comic from San Francisco.
  6. These three appeared in order, from first to last: the comic from New York, Henry, and Kandi.
  7. Henry isn't the one from the Las Vegas club.
  8. Idleman (who didn't win a prize) appeared immediately before the Philadelphia comic.
  9. Misty isn't the entrant from New York.
  10. The third prize winner was on stage immediately before the comic from Miami (who isn't Holliday).