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Pictured below is Mrs. Cluttering's new knickknack cabinet, six shelves high with six cubbyholes on each shelf. On display are three kinds of knickknacks that Mrs. Cluttering collects: glass animals, brass bells, and ceramic candlesticks. There's one knickknack in each cubbyhole, and Mrs. Cluttering likes to be sure that each horizontal row, each vertical column, and each long diagonal contains exactly two of each item. Can you tell what is in each cubbyhole of the cabinet?

  1. On shelf 1, the leftmost animal is further left than the leftmost candlestick.
  2. On shelf 2, each bell is immediately to the left of an animal.
  3. On shelf 3, every candlestick is to the left of every animal.
  4. On shelf 4, every candlestick is to the right of every bell.
  5. On shelf 5, the two candlesticks are not in adjacent cubbyholes.
  6. On shelf 6, the candlesticks are somewhere between the two animals.
  7. In column A, every bell is adjacent to at least one animal in the same column.
  8. In column B, no candlestick is adjacent to both an animal and a bell in the same column.
  9. In column C, the two bells are not in adjacent cubbyholes.
  10. In column D, the two animals are in adjacent cubbyholes.
  11. In column E, the order of the knickknacks is not the same going up as going down.
  12. In column F, the lowest animal is lower than the lowest bell.