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Child Prodigies

The O'Keefes and three other families met recently when their county gave their children awards for outstanding achievement, each in a different field (mathematics, painting, sculpture, and violin). Can you match each child's full name (one first name is Grady) with his or her age and field of expertise?

  1. None of the four children is less than nine years old or more than 20 years old.
  2. The four awards were presented in this order from first to last: Rose Anne, the 16-year-old, the violinist, and the Riley child.
  3. The difference in ages between the Blumenthal child and the sculptor is more than four years.
  4. Megan is eight years older than the Elliot child (who isn't Rose Anne).
  5. The painter is 14 years old, two years older than Michael.