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Cosmos College is a small school that goes back to the basics in a big way. The school teaches only the classical liberal arts: the trivium (grammar, rhetoric, and logic) and the quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music). The faculty consists of Professors Jessup, Keeler, Lucas, Mays, Nichols, and Owen, whose first names are Alfie, Betty, Delta, Gomer, Helene, and Phil, in some order. Each professor teaches three of the seven subjects. Can you find each professor's full name and the three subjects he or she teaches?

  1. Every faculty member teaches either grammar and rhetoric, or else arithmetic and geometry; each one's third subject is either astronomy, logic, or music.
  2. No two instructors teach the same combination of three subjects.
  3. The three rhetoric instructors are Betty, Mr. Jessup, and someone who also teaches astronomy.
  4. The three geometry instructors are Gomer, Ms. Mays, and someone who also teaches logic.
  5. Delta is the only woman teaching any of her three subjects.
  6. Between them, Professors Lucas and Nichols teach six different subjects.
  7. Keeler teaches only quadrivium subjects.
  8. Phil and Professor Lucas teach at least one subject in common.