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Arts 101

Two young men, Colin and Toby, and three young women, Daphne, Milly, and Sadie, met at the university cafeteria last Tuesday to discuss the introductory courses in art history, literature, and music they were taking. The five - whose last names are variously Crunch, Dinkins, Minsk, Summit, and Tuffett - soon discovered that each of them had come to have a different favorite painter (Corot, Delacroix, Matisse, Seurat, or Titian), a different favorite writer (Cather, Dickens, Mann, Stendhal, or Twain), and a different favorite composer (Chopin, Dvorak, Mozart, Sibelius, or Tchaikovsky). Can you match each student's full name with his or her three favorites?

  1. Each student's first name, last name, and three favorites begin with five different letters of the alphabet.
  2. The Cather fan's favorite painter isn't Seurat.
  3. Toby (who isn't Mr. Minsk) doesn't care much for Delacroix.
  4. One student's favorites include both Twain and Chopin.
  5. The student named Crunch feels that Dickens, Mann, and Titian are all vastly overrated.
  6. One student favors both Seurat and Tchaikovsky.