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Air Turbulence

The editor of The Snoobville Sentinel cackled with delight when he saw the story his reporter had brought in: four city officials had tied up runways at Snoobville Airport for an hour while attending to their personal grooming. The mayor, district attorney, justice of the peace, and dogcatcher had gotten, in some order, a beard trim, manicure, shampoo, and teeth cleaning while on board their private planes, which at the time were blocking runways 2, 3, 4, and 6 in some order. The editor ran the embarrassing story on page one (omitting the inconvenient fact that runways 1 and 5 had been able to handle all the airport traffic that afternoon, so that no flights were actually delayed), and the resulting scandal rocked Snoobville politics for days. Can you match each runway with the official who blocked it and the grooming he was engaged in?

  1. The district attorney wasn't on runway 3.
  2. The shampoo took place on the runway whose number was one more than that of the manicure's site.
  3. The mayor blocked a higher-numbered runway than the dogcatcher.
  4. The justice of the peace blocked the runway whose number was twice that of the teeth-cleaning site.
  5. The district attorney doesn't sport a beard.