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Accidents Do Happen 

"Clean up in aisle #3" was only one of the five clean-up announcements that came over the loud speaker yesterday at a local grocery store. Sam and four other people each had dropped a grocery item to the floor which unfortunately had broken (one clean up was a jar of olives). From this and the following information, can you deduce the order in which the items were dropped, and the full names of the people who dropped them (one surname is Ensin)?

  1. Davis didn't drop the jam or the picked beets.
  2. The jam was dropped just before Cindy dropped an item.
  3. Alice didn't drop the mayonnaise nor is she the one who dropped a soft drink.
  4. Mr. Bower dropped an item immediately after the mayonnaise had fallen to the floor but before Front dropped an item.
  5. The pickled beets fell to the floor before Alice dropped an item.
  6. Jack dropped an item later in the day than Garman, who dropped an item later in the day than Beth; Beth's mishap was not the first.